Will many people protest if David Conley of Houston, Texas, is sentenced to death if convicted of the cold-blooded murders of eight people on Saturday?

You’ve probably heard about the case, and have been sickened by it.

Reports the New York Daily News: “Conley, 48, is accused of breaking into his former Houston home, handcuffing the eight people inside — including his own son — and then fatally shooting each of them in the head.”

No doubt, some people will protest the death penalty even in his case, saying capital punishment is never acceptable.

But putting him to death — if he is found guilty (I have to qualify it) — might actually put him out of his misery, because surely he will be haunted every day if he is forced to serve a life sentence instead.

And preferring to see him suffer within the confines of the prison system — with no hope of release — may be more sadistic and inhumane than simply giving him a lethal jolt of electricity and sending his spirit on to whatever awaits after it leaves its mortal coil.

What say you?

— Jillian