Did we really need John Kerry, speaking on behalf of the Obama administration, to formally announce today that ISIS — which he calls Daesh — has committed and is still committing genocide?

Was there anybody on the planet who didn’t know that already?

ISIS is run by money-grubbing, power-seeking thugs who use religion as a pretense. There’s no question about this: people who were part of the organization and have left have verified it. They recruit mercenaries along with idealist, scumbag morons to do their dirty work.

And, yes, they want to kill every Christian on the planet, as well as all sorts of ethnic groups.

They are ruthless murderers — but we have known that since the start. We’ll never bring them to a court of law to face justice: the only way to stop them is to kill them.

Sure, as the Washington Post reported, “The concept of genocide carries a lot of weight in international law. The 1948 U.N. convention on genocide requires signatories to work to prevent genocide and punish perpetrators when it does occur.”

But you can be sure ISIS leaders and their members all laughed aloud today when Kerry made his statement, and responded with something like, “No shit, Sherlock . . . What was your first clue?”

Yes, Kerry & Co. are a little slow on the uptake, eh?

— Jillian