I suppose it doesn’t matter anymore. All of our efforts, whether altruistic or selfish, will be in vain — even if they do provide some temporary satisfaction.

But don’t expect much compassion in these last days as man’s self-made blankets of CO2 in the atmosphere suffocate us.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alluded to mankind’s selfishness when he admonished the United Nations on Friday. Deadlocked “countries are looking inward and are divided” at a time when we need to pull together, he said.

“The system is broken, and the world is in crisis. And things are about to get much worse unless we change.”

There was a note of optimism in that last bit. He still seems to have hope that change in the current global order might save us from the effects of climate change.

Is China listening? Russia? The United States? All the other countries?

Probably not. What’s the point? Trudeau was talking to a world with advanced lung cancer. Quitting smoking now won’t save civilization.

It’s every nation for themselves. And for many of their citizens, every man and woman for themselves.

In some Western nations, people are buying country properties and fleeing the city. They’re not motivated by climate change. They’re running from COVID-19, bringing their city slicker mentality with them. Hence, fences and crude rock walls are now desecrating natural places that were largely untouched for thousands of years, and more wood stoves are adding to the CO2 blanket above.

They’re hording food, toilet paper, cords of wood . . . you name it.

But while we might be able to hide from COVID-19, we can’t hide from climate change. It will burn the forests and the fields and heat up the lakes and oceans. And for those fortunate enough to be unscathed, mobs of desperate, starving people will overrun their cottages.

Perhaps Trudeau should have been less diplomatic with his choice of words.

Perhaps he should have put it bluntly: “The apocalypse is upon us. Modern civilization is about to fall.”

But what difference would it have made?

It can’t be stopped.

We’re rushing headlong into another stone age.

Click, click . . .

– Jillian