Diane Obomsawin: On Loving Women

(Also posted in my Gazette blog)

I can hardly wait to read the new book by Canadian animator Diane Obomsawin, which I found in my mail box at work today. It’s called On Loving Women, featuring a new collection of animated stories “about coming out, first love and sexual identity.”

Says the press sheet included with the book: “With this work, Obomsawin brings her gaze to bear on subjects closer to home — her friends and lovers’ personal accounts of first realizing they’re gay or first finding love with another woman. Each story is a master class in reaching the emotional truth of a situation with the simplest means possible.”

I really like the “simple” approach; it’s one I’ve employed — as much as possible — for a long time in this blog and other personal writings.

I’m going to start reading this book on the weekend, and will give you my thoughts about it before it hits the book stores on Feb. 18. It’s published by Drawn & Quarterly (drawnandquarterly.com)



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