Facebook events pages under attack

In another reminder of just how vulnerable the Internet is, a new trend is developing that has goof balls and worse “randomly pledging” to attend various public events listed on Facebook pages.

Pink News reports that it started with more than “100,000 people randomly pledging to attend the flute recital by a student at the University of California, Azeem Ward, last month.”

Yes, it seems funny at first, and it may have begun as a stunt. But it didn’t take long for it to sink to new lows.

Reports Pink News: “A retreat for black lesbians has been forced to remove a Facebook page – after going viral and receiving racist, homophobic abuse.”

Lots of it, apparently, forcing the organizers to remove the page from Facebook.

So, I suppose it’s back to the drawing board for the folks at Facebook, who will have to find a way for people to post event pages while preventing abuse of the process or risk experiencing a major decline in those types of pages — and the ad revenue that goes with them.

— Jillian

One thought on “Facebook events pages under attack

  1. “Spider to the fly”: Time to move to ello.co before divesting yourself from FB gets undoable(is this a word?). Because it’s all about Mad Men in the end. But who said humans were sane?!?!


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