With the Canadian election out of the way, I can return to blogging here. But I don’t want to start with the election that wasn’t really necessary and that nobody wanted during the midst of a pandemic.

Let’s start with the pandemic itself.

It was supposed to be all but over in Canada by now. Life was supposed to be pretty much back to normal, with everyone double-dosed on COVID vaccines.

But that’s not the way it turned out. Canada is seeing increasing numbers of people coming down with the virus, with some ICUs in some provinces at full or near-capacity.


Because a certain percentage of the population refused to be vaccinated.

Canadian statistics are now noting the percentages of those who are unvaccinated among new COVID cases, and they are the large majority of them. Younger people are coming down with it, and some are dying. Indeed, one province noted that the only reason their hospital ICUs aren’t at full capacity is because COVID patients are dying.

Meanwhile, elective surgeries are being postponed across the country because of the unvaccinated people who are contracting COVID and filling up the limited supply of hospital beds.

Yes, it is frustrating doctors and nurses, who are saying these cases were preventable. And it is frustrating other people who are awaiting surgeries for things like cancer that, if done early, might save them and their relatives a lot of grief further on down the road.

Yet, the anti-vaxx demos continue in cities throughout Canada.

It represents the great divide, I think, between the ill-informed minority and the smarter majority. And how the minority can mess things up for everyone.

Speaking of ill-informed minorities, let’s talk about the Taliban in Afghanistan — who would be almost comical in their appearance if they weren’t so dangerous. Clearly, it is a regime that won’t be able to survive for long in the modern world. They face civil war, battles with ISIS and pressure from the civilized world. And a lack of cash and resources.

One does not need a crystal ball to predict there will be a lot of bloodshed in Afghanistan until the Taliban is removed or sheds it archaic system, which it seems loathe to do.

And then there’s China, which confirmed what everyone already knew: they will resort to hostage diplomacy to get what they want. Case in point: the release of Canada’s “two Michaels” in exchange for the release of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou.

It’s also no surprise that China was one of the first governments to recognize the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and to offer its support.

So, now we know for sure: China supports the oppression and enslavement of women in Afghanistan, the practice of cutting off people’s hands for theft — and all the other sick, pathetic things the Taliban have in store for the poor people in Afghanistan who were unable to leave.

Thing is, there’s nothing comical about China, either, and it’s a wonder G7 countries have anything to do with them. It’s all about money, of course. Which says something about the principles of Western nations willing to look the other way for the almighty buck.

Oh, yes, climate change: that is the not-so-wild card these days. And it is bringing on a great period of reckoning for mankind that will ultimately bring down all nations and leave everyone fending for themselves.

U.K. PM Boris Johnson summed it up recently with the comment, paraphrased: The world has to grow up and stop trashing the planet.

But that won’t be happening soon enough. Already, before climate talks even begin next month in Scotland, organizers are predicting failure because countries like . . . you guessed it . . . China won’t curtail their carbon emissions.

So, the countries that are doing the most damage won’t grow up, even with impending doom, proving they are not much more advanced than, say, the Taliban.

And, yes, we have some stupid leaders in Canada, too. Take the premiers who were weak on enforcing COVID restrictions and getting people vaccinated at the beginning of the summer. They downplayed the pandemic — in some cases, to satisfy their conservative anti-vaxxer voters — and now people are losing their lives as a result of it.

Which leads to this question: How is it we let imbeciles lead us?

And, finally, no, Justin Trudeau isn’t an imbecile. He called an election hoping to win a majority government, and ended up with a minority government much like the one he already had. It cost taxpayers $610 million.

Was it a waste of money?

I thought so at first, but the election did give Canadians a chance to vote on how the Liberal government handled the pandemic. And overall, the feds have done a great job. In my view, the Liberals deserved another term based on that alone, and that’s why I voted for them again. Plus, IMO, they have the best leader of all the parties, and I wish more countries were led by the likes of Justin Trudeau.

Clearly, a lot of people who voted agreed.

So much to talk about . . .

— Jillian