So what else am I to think?

Sydney author Brooke Hemphill has written a book about her “year of living as a lesbian,” according to an article on the Daily Mail site.

You see, apparently she identified as heterosexual until she found herself indulging in sexual activities with a woman, and then another . . .

Now she is saying that if she had to apply a label to herself, it would be bisexual.

Yup, that sounds about right, speaking as one bisexual person to another.

But the title of her book is Lesbian for a Year, which may be making some lesbians for life somewhat uncomfortable, along with other members of the LGBT community, who “have been offended by the book’s title, suggesting it simplifies the often complex issue of sexuality by implying it’s a choice,” the Daily Mail article says.

Brooke says the book is about her sexual experiences and its aim ” is to open up a dialogue about tolerance and acceptance of different sexualities,” the article says.

She also says “it was not her intention to upset and did not want to detract from other’s sexual experiences, but instead hoped it would open up the discussion about the fluidity of sexuality,” according to the Daily Mail.

So, why isn’t the book called, say, Bisexual for a Year (and for Life)?

Because Lesbian for a Year is “a pretty catchy title,” she is quoted as saying.

So, I guess this just reinforces the incorrect stereotype: if a bisexual woman has a relationship with a woman, it’s a lesbian relationship. If she has a relationship with a man, it’s a heterosexual relationship.

So, when exactly is she a bisexual — when she has a threesome with a man and a woman?

But I digress. Regular readers know what I am saying: Once again, it seems that bisexual orientation is given short shrift for the sake of sexy click-bait (and book-selling) headlines.

Because real lesbians generally aren’t bisexuals, ya know . . .

Or maybe I got it all wrong. Maybe Brooke and I are hetero lesbian bisexuals.

– Jillian