The end is nearer that I had thought.

No, it won’t be the result of extreme weather events, though they will persist for decades to come.

It will be a nuclear war, which I see as inevitable now unless there is some sort of divine intervention. Putin is clearly itching to let loose his nuclear arsenal, and the West will have to respond in kind. He has set a trap with sham referendums in occupied territories in Ukraine that will ultimately give him an excuse — in his own sick mind — for launching missiles at London and other cities.

But why would anything related to divinity want to save mankind now? Is the human race worth saving?

I don’t think so. The species through its leadership has proven over and over again that it can’t live by one simple golden rule. A regressive, archaic patriarchy has seized control of the agenda around the world, from the madman in Russia to the lunatics running countries like Afghanistan and Iran to the alpha company CEOs and office managers in even the most democratic of nations. They all think it is their right to manipulate people any way they see fit.

I’m guessing that Putin knows climate change will destroy modern civilization if he doesn’t do it first. Perhaps, when he looks in the mirror, that is how he justifies the murderous rampage upon which he has embarked. Or perhaps he is simply a psychopath with no conscience.

The era of mankind is drawing to an abrupt close. It could happen tomorrow. It could happen next week. And I think God will be happy to get rid of us.

Click, click . . .

– Jillian