The revolution has begun — in Iran, at least.

Women and their supporters there are rising up against an archaic patriarchy that has repressed them for far too long. They have had enough. Better to live free or die, to borrow New Hampshire’s state motto.

And many of them will die as the brutal regime oppresses them further. Ultimately, though, if the protests grow and enough people join them, the regime in Iran will fall.

Expect to see a similar scenario in Afghanistan, where women are also brutally repressed by a pathetic, superstitious patriarchy that can’t even feed its people. And in Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China and more.

Oh, and let’s not forget the centre of democracy itself, several states in the U.S. where the pathetic Republican patriarchy seeks to keep women barefoot and pregnant by banning abortions. Yes, you can expect to see the women of those states protesting in the streets, too.

But it’s not just women and their supporters taking to the streets. In Russia, citizens there — mostly young people — are taking to the streets in protest against one of the worst patriarchs in history, Vladimir Putin. Expect to see those protests grow — they might be the only thing that stops the madman and brings down his regime.

These kinds of demos tend to snowball because there comes a time when people feel they would rather be dead than live under these mad patriarchs.

The time has come in many parts of the world. The patriarchy has made a terrible mess of things, from the so-called leaders right on down to little men using any authority they might have, i.e. office managers, to use and abuse people.

It is past time to set these idiots straight.

And it’s going to happen because women (and their supporters) are not going to take it anymore.

Down with the patriarchy once and for all!

I stand with the women in Iran, Afghanistan, China, the U.S. and any other countries where they face repression at the hands of men. And I stand with all the people in Russia who want peace and an end to the reign of Putin and his cronies.

— Jillian