I wish you all a Happy Holiday weekend, whether you observe the religious stuff or not.

I’m working today, Sunday and Monday, so no holiday weekend for me.

But I’ll still try to squeeze an Easter egg or two down my throat — but not too many: gotta watch the weight, eh?


– Jillian

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(As posted to my Gazette blog)

Hmm . . . Freedom of transphobic speech is the hot issue in yet another debate within and without the transgender community. Just who should be able to use words like “tranny” and “shemale,” and in what context? Continue Reading »

One of my favourite videos, in which the Lord tells Phil to “get me $18 million by the weekend!”

Funny, and great music!



For the second day in a row, I saw hundreds, perhaps thousands of geese in the farmers’ fields on each side of Highway 15 in Mirabel.

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(As posted to my Gazette blog)

I’m beginning to think that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, notorious for their “anti-gay” protests, are in fact operatives working for the LGBT community. Continue Reading »

(As posted to my Gazette blog)

There’s a glimmer — just a glimmer — of hope for gay people in Ethiopia, as the government there cancelled a planned anti-gay rally and announced that “a plan by the legislature to add gay sex to a list of crimes ineligible for presidential pardons has been dropped,” according to a report on The Guardian site.

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“Hate your next-door neighbor
But don’t forget to say grace”
– Barry McGuire, from Eve of Destruction

In an earlier post, I wondered if the Internet will survive as a financial tool, given all the hacking and deception going on there.

But tonight I am not so worried about the Internet: I’m more concerned about the future of mankind. About if we will survive.

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