Pointer: Toe Tag Riot comics make debut



If you’re into comic books that have a real message that just might help make the world a better place, please read my Gazette blog post about a new series debuting in stores worldwide on Nov. 26.

They would also make a good Christmas gift for that young person on your list.

Click on this link to read the post.


– Jillian

Pointer: Transgender people should register final wishes


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A sad story in the United States highlights the need for everyone, especially transgender people, to register their last wishes.

Click here to read more about it on my Montreal Gazette blog.

The first love the deepest?


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It is said that “the first love is the deepest.”

Do you believe it? Has that been the case for you?

Or was the person who first coined the expression exaggerating a tad when he or she meant to say “the first love is very special because, well, it is the first love.”

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Go Topless: Woman sues Chicago


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Here’s a case everyone who follows this blog may want to rally around . . .

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that “A Japanese woman who was fined $100 by Chicago Police  for exposing her breasts at North Street Beach on national “Go Topless Day” has filed a federal lawsuit against the city. Continue reading


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