The nighttime edition of the Montreal World Naked Bike Ride takes place on Aug. 2. I’ve done a post on my Gazette blog about the event, with a lengthy excerpt from WNBR’s Wiki page. You can read about it there. It starts at 10 p.m. at Dorchester Square in downtown Montreal.

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(As posted to my Gazette blog, Turning the Page)

Nudity without the nudity . . .

That seems to be the formula for some — if not all — the naked reality TV shows that are popping up these days.

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Does anybody still use the phrase “coming out of the closet”? Personally, I’ve pretty much dropped the ‘closet’ word and have been using the shortened “coming out” or “came out” in relevant blog posts.

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(As posted to my Gazette blog on July 25)

450 lashes and three years imprisonment for “promoting homosexual contact.”

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(As posted to my Gazette blog on July 24)


Meriam Ibrahim has finally been able to leave Sudan.

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So, the United Nations is suggesting that both sides in the Israel-Hamas conflict might be committing war crimes, or as reported on several sites, quoting a UN official: “International humanitarian law (may have) been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes.”

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I’ve rediscovered two great albums this summer: Janis Joplin & Big Brother and the Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills and Led Zeppelin’s Presence. On the latter, I’ve been grooving on two particular cuts: Achilles Last Stand, and Tea for One. Neither get much radio airplay, probably because of their lengths — 10:22 and 9:27, respectively — but they are overlooked gems.

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