Sexy shoes


Mmmm . . . I’ve always loved sexy strappy sandals, and the pair in the picture above from the ShoesPie site caught my eye this evening.

Not that I could wear them outdoors in this frigid part of the world right now.

But I just know they would look good on me . . .

Would you wear shoes like these?

— Jillian

P.S. ShoesPie has a great selection on their site!

7 thoughts on “Sexy shoes

  1. Oh Jillian, you simply wear these with a little jewelry and nothing else dear!! You’ll be the star of the party 😉 Just wear a heavy over coat while commuting !!


  2. I believe the expression is “hot, damn”.They work for me. I saw of pic of your legs(tall+long) so they should go quite nicely! ^D


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